When you’re wanting a life-changing experience in southern California, heading out to the San Diego area offers plenty of opportunities. You can attend a luxury resort that runs a fitness camp for one or more weeks, get clean at a premium rehab facility, or enjoy the outdoors while working out in beautiful surroundings (ideal for anyone who intensely dislikes setting foot inside a gym).
Let’s now learn more about these destinations.

Get in Shape at a Fitness Camp

The PFC Fitness Camp runs at the Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. It is one of several different programs on offer at the resort. The resort is set in 400 acres with excellent views in almost any direction. The low-impact workouts, healthy dining, nutritional tuition, and classes on lifestyle changes to make when home again work well in combination.
The focus of the course designed by a physician is to promote faster weight loss for people who are obese and seriously worried about their health. People attending the fitness camp tend to opt for stays lasting one week up to several weeks, depending on their individual needs. There’s also a follow-up system for 12 weeks to help attendees stay on-track once they get back home too. The follow-up program is a vital component to this type of camp.

Rehab in San Diego County

The blended psychological, holistic, and evidence-based treatment offered at Apex Recovery, a San Diego rehab facility, has been shown to work well for long-term sobriety. Each client treated is monitored to ensure the treatment works for that person. With that said, the therapeutic approach to rehab services is customized for each client to make sure it will be more effective.
The facilities are comfortable and well appointed to ensure a stay in rehab is as comfortable as possible. Follow-up protocols include both the client and family members affected by their sobriety. The management of their case continues for up to a year after the discharge to help them stay sober.

Boot Camp for Dreamers

The Man Up Boot Camp (also open to women) is designed for both people who haven’t worked out in a long time and others who are fitter and have recently hit a weight loss plateau. The idea of Man Up is that it avoids the use of the gym by getting participants outside in the open air. For anyone who’s anti-gym or feels out of shape and intimidated walking into a gym full of beautiful, skinny people, this “boot camp” will certainly have some appeal.
The qualified fitness trainers provide nutritional guidance to help participants build a better eating plan to avoid sabotaging themselves. The focus of the exercise isn’t so much around traditional gym workouts. It’s more connected to functional fitness, which makes it practical and enjoyable in a group setting.
There are many ways to change your life. Each requires making a serious decision and a commitment to changing what you’re doing each day to turn your life around. Without such a commitment, everything stays the same.