These affordably priced itineraries will help you bring customers back quickly

During the early days of COVID-19’s attack on all travel segments, our intent was to do something to deliver a positive impact for group travel.

We partnered with U.S. Tours, a leading wholesale tour operator and together we committed to putting our decades of marketing experience to work.

Our initial thought was to make it easy for groups to travel when the time was right. Along with the ease of travel would come an affordably priced itinerary to take advantage of accommodations’ and attractions’ available inventory and desire to bring customers back quickly.

Bob Cline, with U.S. Tours, brought his significant network of contacts to the table, while Jeff Gayduk, our publisher, provided the reach of Leisure Group Travel and its significant marketing, production and editorial capabilities. Together, Bounce Back Tours came to life.

This partnership was designed to provide a much-needed stimulus to the tour business and participating destinations.

All that was missing were destinations to buy into the program. This came at a point when CVBs around the country were told to freeze budgets and furlough employees.

During this process, suddenly some of the industry’s best and brightest were fighting for survival.

As a testament to the fortitude of travel industry suppliers during the most perilous time in our history, 17 destinations stepped forward and said, “We’re in!” From the Atlantic Coast and South to the Midwest and West, they worked with their partners and U.S. Tours to develop fun, affordable itineraries designed to get your group back on the road.

Once the itinerary was conceived, we went live (on An ensuing promotional video was created and the Leisure Group Travel editorial team jumped into action. Copy was developed, images gathered and each promotion was designed for the destination’s approval.

“What’s unique about this program is the phenomenal spirit of cooperation,” said Gayduk. “In my 20 years of publishing, I’ve never seen anything come together so quickly, so effortlessly.”

Cline said, “Bounce Back Tours are designed to get those big wheels rolling again. Groups now have ready-made itineraries and don’t have to futz with trying to orchestrate every minute detail. That’s what we’re here for.”

As early as May, U.S. Tours began featuring Bounce Back Tours in its digital newsletter and social media posts. Likewise, prior to the publication of this June edition, we began an extensive digital promotion on multiple group travel platforms including our website, bounce-back-tours, along with considerable social media activity.

On the following pages are nearly 20 destinations that have stepped up to welcome your group back. Please consider them first when considering your next group trip.

This ongoing promotion will continue.

Although the initial concept was to have Bounce Back Tours during the 60 days after COVID-19, quarantines were lifted and many destinations have extended their itinerary’s availability into the fourth quarter of 2020.

On behalf of Leisure Group Travel and U.S. Tours, we want to thank you for being such an important part of the group travel industry.

Now let’s get those big wheels rolling again!