Interview with Julian Ing from Launchtrip

Founder and CEO of Launchtrip, Julian Ing talks about their development of the new Launchtrip application to facilitate group travel. This new app is a trip organization tool, with features like hotel booking, restaurant suggestions, and a cost split invitation sent to any friends in your contacts.

Julian Ing has spearheaded efforts for many different successful enterprises, but after a bad vacation experience in Thailand he got back home with the idea that would ultimately culminate in the development of Launchtrip. While still in beta, the app plans to resolve some of the issues that surround the arrangement of group travel. “Anywhere from collecting the money from all your friends…chasing down invites…trying to arrange however many hotel rooms or accommodations you need, doing all that research to find restaurants and food…”, Ing says. Launchtrip combines restaurant recommendations and hotel bookings into one app, as well as payment processing for the trip to make it easier for any group trip host or leader.

As Launchtrip works through its beta form as an app, Julian has exciting plans for the future of the company. “It’s going to come out as app based as the first version of it, but ultimately, we will have a desktop version of it too…we do want to offer both options at some point.” Whether through your phone or computer, Launchtrip has a goal of making it easier for groups to travel together.

Visit the website for more information about Launchtrip.

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