Located just outside of the town of Long Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks, John Dillon Park offers a wheelchair-accessible wilderness experience for those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to fully enjoy all that this region’s natural landscapes have to offer. John Dillon Park provides access to both woods and water. Grampus Lake surrounds the park’s edge, and visitors have the chance to go for a boat ride or set out for a paddle in a canoe or kayak from the wheelchair accessible dock. There is also an extensive network of trails for hiking and exploring. All are fully wheelchair accessible and either flat or very gently sloped. The trails wind through the woods and past a variety of natural habitats that various types of wildlife call home, including various types of birds and other woodland creatures. Wildlife viewing is a popular activity at the park, with overlooks like Osprey Point, where a family of ospreys have made their home for the past 18 years, providing the chance to observe wildlife in its own natural habitat. (paulsmiths.edu/johndillonpark)