Many of us think of a cruise as a romantic trip to somewhere far away and exotic – or at least different from what we see and do at home in our daily lives. Our travelers may be dreaming of the day they can board a sea-going cruise ship to historic ports of the Mediterranean or the colorful islands of the Caribbean. But perhaps just thinking of traveling so far from home, or being so distanced from family and friends or the safety of known surroundings, may make them push this trip to the back burner in order of priorities in their lives.

Yet, perhaps you could bring the cruise experience to these same close-to-home folks if you lured them into their first such trip on a North American river or coastal trip. Once they have that first cruise under their belts, they’re more likely to travel on future cruises with you, looking back on that first happy experience. And, for those who have led a life that included past cruises, but now in their senior years may be less active or less affluent, a closer-to-home cruise may be just the ticket.

Everyone has an idea about what reunions are. But since those ideas spring mainly from personal experience, everyone’s ideas are different.