India’s decision to offer visa on arrival to citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) makes India far more accessible for all kinds of tourists, including groups. The visa is also open to business and medical travelers, as well as citizens from Japan and South Korea.

Under the new system, you can take advantage of the double-entry visa system and enjoy up to 60 days’ travel in the country. The website is a good source of information.

So now you’re bags are packed, what to do in India?

What to do in India?

India is an amazing exotic country with cities that run at a hundred miles per hour, dense jungle, beautiful beaches, and the highest mountain range in the world, the Himalayas. The country’s culture tends to stay with you and with a little thought and planning, you will have one of the best travel experiences. You may not want to leave.

Many love to explore India and its many temples, others to find inner spirituality, and some just to have a good time and catch some rays on the beach. Given the country’s size it is a good idea to explore it region by region.

To help you plan your trip here is a few ideas.

Goa for Beaches and Tranquility

Goa is a former Portuguese colony and forms part of India’s 300-mile long tropical coastline. Golden beaches and palm trees await, but like most places on Earth, it has a unique magical quality to savor. One of the more popular tourist spots is Goa. Here you’ll find citadels and baroque architectural churches and castles built by the Portuguese.

Goa’s coastal location and spiritual settings make it the perfect place to start your journey into India. Other deserted beaches are a train ride away. Journeying on India’s trains is an experience in of itself.

See the Big Cats

Tigers are one of the planet’s most spectacular animals, and there are plenty of national parks where you can see these wonderful creatures in their own environment. Bandhavgarh, Ranthambore, Kanha, Pench, Satpura and Corbett arguably have the best national parks in the country. Together with tigers, you can see Asiatic lions, snow leopards, clouded leopards, and Indian leopards. You may see these creatures in the wild.

Some of the animals are spotted outside of cities in search of food. If you want to see the Asiatic lions then head to the Sasan Gir National Park. This is the last surviving colony of the creatures.

Hiking the Himalayas

When you think about hiking in the Himalayas, images of trekking through snowstorms come to mind. The mountain range is vast, and on the western slopes, you’ll find communities, forests, and a wide variety of insects and fauna.

There are plenty of guided tours to show you the nicer spots, which makes it a perfect adventure for a travel group.

The dramatic scenery, however, is the real eye catcher. The mountains stretch for miles and at times seem to disappear into the sky. India is a remarkable country, and now thanks to the visa on arrival system, it is very easy to visit.