The Itinerary at a Glance

Just south of Champaign County, Illinois, you’ll take a step back in time in Arthur, the heart of Illinois’ Amish Country. Here in the oldest and largest Amish settlement in Illinois, groups will be accompanied by a step-on guide to showcase a different way of life, from one-room schoolhouses to woodworking and heartwarming food.

3 Unique Experiences on This Trip

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  • Willow Creek Farms
  • Enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal in an Amish home
  • Learn about the making of an Amish buggy before taking a ride


Duration: 2 Days

Available: Year-round

This Itinerary is Ideal For: All

Itinerary Details

Day 1

Before heading to Arthur, treat your group to a meal on the farm. What began as a family’s side project has evolved into one of Champaign County’s true staples. Willow Creek Farms, located in Urbana, Illinois Amish countrysources the ingredients for downtown Champaign’s favorite restaurant—V. Picasso. This locally owned farm and event center offers everything from an indoor greenhouse and pollinators for honey, to goats, horses, pigs and cows. Groups can get a first-hand look at where their food is coming from, then taste the delicious flavors of V. Picasso’s cuisine. Cooking demonstrations and lessons are available upon request.

Day 2

Begin the day with a tour of Amish Country. Located in the heart of Amish Country, Arthur is home to over 2,000 members of the Amish community. Meet your step-on guide at the welcome center in downtown Arthur and begin your journey through the land. See horse-drawn buggies, Belgian horse-pulled field equipment, roadside stands with fresh produce, and one-room schools with pony carts lined up in the driveway and grass lot ball diamonds full of Amish children at recess.

Following this informative and inspiring tour, you’ll step back in time as you enter the home of an Amish Quiltsfamily. Let your host guide you through their living space, and take notice of the handmade items and the lifestyle the home reflects. Take your seat at one of the long tables, constructed by hand right here in Arthur. After you’ve taken a moment for a silent prayer, your host will begin serving your delicious home-cooked meal. Last but not least, you’ll venture through the family’s farm to see what their daily work consists of. Learn the ins and outs of Amish culture and be amazed at how similar their life is to yours, minus one thing—electricity.

Groups will then visit a local Amish buggy maker as you experience and in-depth tour of his buggy shop. See the process of creating the undercarriage and buggy body, and listen as he discusses the old art of wheel making. Finish up the tour with a short buggy ride, completing the true Amish experience.

Finally, your group’s visit will end in Arthur’s downtown area. Strolling the streets, you’ll find a variety of gift shops, craft shops, furniture stores, antiques, restaurants and more. Pick up something old or something new to remember your trip.