Ready to try something a little more exciting than sightseeing? Learn how to prepare for an offshore fishing trip that your whole group can enjoy.

If you love group travel and are looking for something new, consider combining some of your favorite things. Start with a few of your favorite people, and add beautiful weather, a boat, and an activity with broad appeal. Whether you’re a beginner or want to go after some real trophies, everyone can get involved. Learn how to prepare for an offshore fishing trip for a different kind of vacation.

Rely On an Expert

First-timers will want to find a great guide for their charter who can take care of the boat. You’ll want to focus on the good stuff, not worry about technical details. You can’t understand the scale of this kind of fishing until you’ve been out on the water. Navigating the ocean is no small feat, and with larger catches come larger waves. Delegate the big responsibilities while remembering the some of the best fishing and boating can be found in Florida.

Avoid Surprises

Get to know your guide ahead of time so that you’ll be on the same page. Is there a particular spot you want to try, a fish you want to go after, or a technique you’d like to learn? The guide can tell you what to expect and might even have better recommendations. Be upfront about any travelers’ special requirements to prevent any last-minute confusion.

Be Clear on Details

If you’re interested in more of a booze cruise—hey, no judgment—clarify if the charter allows alcohol or even cigars onboard. Do they provide drinking water, or is it better to bring your own? How about food? The charter might be able to take care of other details for you, such as:

  • Obtaining the necessary licenses
  • Supplying gear
  • Securing live bait
  • Cleaning and filleting the fish

You should also ask if you can expect any fees they’ve not yet mentioned. Fuel costs, for instance, can add up when you’re venturing into deeper waters. Find out if it’s included in the price or something extra you’ll be paying for.

Pack Effectively

The weather has a way of being unpredictable. Your fishing wardrobe should consist of several light layers that can keep you cool or warm you up—and the temperature can change minute to minute. Rubber-soled shoes are a must. Your clothes will also need to be waterproof or moisture-wicking to dry quickly. Although the fish you catch will be cold and moist, you won’t want to be.

Bring the Right Gear

If you want everyone in your group to enjoy the outing, you’ll need to prepare for your offshore fishing trip with every eventuality in mind. Remember to bring along these essential items:

  • Dramamine for seasickness
  • Sunscreen
  • A protective hat
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • A first aid kit
  • Dramamine for seasickness

That last one is repeated for emphasis because the trip won’t be successful if even one person is miserable. You’ll know pretty quickly if nausea will be a problem, so be ready to turn back and drop someone off if it comes to that. If you’re keeping the fish, you can bring back dinner as a consolation prize.