Email prospecting is incredibly popular. It’s less threatening and less intrusive. Prospects can read it at a time that’s convenient for them, and you won’t experience the emotional turmoil that comes when calling on a potential buyer.

The problem is many people don’t use email correctly, says Kendra Lee, author of The Sales Magnet: How to Get More Customers without Cold Calling. They don’t write their email messages correctly, so their email is ignored and often immediately deleted.

If you want prospects to pay attention to your email, you have to address two key things: the glimpse factor and the delete barrier, Lee says.

Readers first look at the subject line, then they jump to the bottom to see who it’s from. After that they look at how long the message is. If at first glimpse you don’t capture their attention or your email looks too difficult to read, they will trash it, Lee says.

Readers “will, within three seconds, make a decision if they’re going to delete your email. They use the glimpse factor and make that determination and then delete it,” she says. “So, you have to use techniques that when they go to actually glimpse [your email] and read it, [they’re] going to dive in and read enough of your email to see that they should take an action.”

Listen as Lee explains how to get past the email delete barrier, describes the difference between good and bad prospecting emails, and discusses the concept of attraction strategy.

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