Are you a new pet owner that’s nervous about leaving your pet alone for the first time? Explore how to care for your pet when on vacation.

Boarding at a Kennel

The most significant deciding factor when choosing a kennel is if you have a cat or dog. If you have a cat, you will want to find a kennel where the cat won’t interact with other cats. Unless the cats already know each other, forcing them to mingle in this way could expose your pet to opportunities to fight or mate. Instead, you’ll want your cat to have a large private room where they can move around safely.

When boarding dogs, however, you will want to find a place where they can run and play with other dogs. Research to find a kennel near you with good ratings where your pets can have fun while you’re gone.

At Home-Boarding

Trusted pet owners will pet-sit out of their homes if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your furry friend at a kennel. This option is better for social animals like dogs. Rather than having to sit in their kennel room, your dog can run around a house with other dogs while you’re out of town.

Unlike kennels, at-home borders don’t need certifications, so make sure you feel confident trusting your pet with the boarder.

Pet Sitter

If you don’t want to disrupt your pet’s schedule, a pet sitter can stay at your place and watch your pet while you’re gone. Also, if you cannot find a pet sitter, apps like Wag or Rover can put you in touch with a certified and rated pet caretaker.

Family or Friend

The most common and cost-effective option is asking a family member or friend to watch your pet. You can feel confident knowing someone you trust is taking care of your cat, dog, or turtle. Just bring the pet’s food and let your friend know your pet’s habits. Also, you can request pictures whenever you miss your furry friend.

Bring Them Along

If you decide just to take them along, be aware that bringing a pet on vacation can get complicated depending on where you are going. If you’re traveling internationally, bringing a furry friend may be more unrealistic due to the necessary approval processes for animals crossing borders. For domestic vacations, the choice to bring along your pet will depend on your rental or hotel plans.

Most places will have no pet policies in place, so it’s essential to research before making any plans. And even if where you are staying does allow pets, you should still check the beaches, parks, or other places you’ll be visiting to see if they are also pet friendly. If you have to leave your pet behind all day, it might be better that they stay at home where someone can look after them.

Now that you know how to take care of your pet when on vacation, you can embark on your vacation knowing your furry friend is in good hands.