The fourth-largest city in the US is a sprawling metropolis of high-rises, malls and parking lots. Hot, humid and flat, Houston may not be Texas‘ prime destination, but is a great destination for group travel.

Why? It has a great museum district and NASA’s Johnson Space Center, plenty of good cuisine and affordable hotels on weekends, plus  Galveston beaches are not far. Oil and gas are still big business around here. Houston dominates southeast Texas thanks to a near manic commitment to growth, unfettered by zoning restrictions. The interesting bits are concentrated within a few miles of downtown; a 30- to 45-minute drive south on I-45 brings you to coastal attractions.

When To Travel To Houston with your Group: For heaven sakes, don’t visit in August. Locals argue that it’s the heat not the humidity that is the problem, but who cares? The steam off the concrete is stifling. Average daytime temperatures swelter around 94.