America is the perfect place for a group vacation, and the country offers more choice than most. You can get to see amazing iconic cities to an adventure in a genuine wilderness. Whatever you and your group want to do, America has a great hard to beat option for you.

Let’s take a closer look at what these are.


Flying can often be a crazy experience as delays and lost luggage and all the other hassles it brings. As such, you may want to consider chartering your own plane. This may sound extreme, but there are a lot of options available, and thanks to the better apps which you can find here you can organize your flights at a time that suits you. The cost can be split among the group as well.

This saves a world of pain, and you may find you can land on airfields closer to your destination.

Desert Vacations

America has some spectacular deserts, and some have been the backdrop for several classic western movies. Deserts offer a great way to experience the power of the land and getting to and from you’re a region offers great views and adventures.

Consider taking in:

  • Monument Valley– The red sand and rock formations offer a profound experience. Here, many a western have been shot, and the cactuses are big and unusual. Try and catch the sunrise over the valley if you can.
  • Mojave Desert – Between the edge of LA County to Southern Nevada is America’s driest desert. The landscape is harsh, and tours will take you to former western ghost towns. This combines well with a tour taking you to the Grand Canyon.
  • Death Valley– Forget what you think you know as Death Valley is truly a beautiful part of America. A tour will take you to extinct volcanoes and across sand dunes where if you’re lucky you’ll catch sight of mountain lions, bobcats, and coyotes.


Alaska is an amazing region with diverse terrain and wildlife. It is a true wilderness land populated by moose, bears, wolves, mountain goats, bison, and orcas. There are several ways to see this remarkable part of America from hiking, to kayaking to rather exquisite train journeys.

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, Alaska is for you.

New England

Head north of New York, and you’ll soon be in New England. Tours of this magnificent state normally take in cultural gems of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard to name but two outstanding places. New England vacations are a combination of history and countryside, both of which are amazing to explore.

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon tours are truly breathtaking. The 300 mile stretch of canyon offers incredible views and hiking trails. In some places, the canyon drops to 6000 feet. You can even get a helicopter tour to take in the whole thing. Visiting the Grand Canyon is a remarkable experience, and you can combine it with other tours to give you a complete adventure.

Make sure you and your group enjoy America this summer and have a life-enriching experience.