Exploring Alaska from a cruise ship — check. Two weeks sunbathing in Hawaii — check. Cross-country trip in an RV with two bored teens — check.

If your vacations have been fun but somewhat safe and predictable, there are a variety of trips that will provide you with less leisure and more adventure. For people who are looking for something more exciting for their vacation bucket list other than “visit giant water slide theme park,” consider the following four fun and adventurous ideas:

Kayaking in Antarctica

As The Active Times notes, vacations can and should involve a lot more than sipping Mai Tais on a sunny beach. For example, folks who have always wanted to get up close and personal with penguins and whales can do just that by kayaking in Antarctica. For example, Quark Expeditions offers an “Antarctic Express” package that takes travelers to the Antarctic Peninsula, where they can choose from activities including kayaking around icebergs in the pristine and frigid water, polar camping, and snowshoeing to places that snowmobiles and other forms of transportation cannot reach. Although trying to capture a selfie with an orca is inadvisable, be sure to bring a camera to get as many shots as you can of the natural and amazing wildlife and rugged freezing beauty of the area.

Visit Count Dracula’s home

Photo by Florin73m via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Florin73m via Wikimedia Commons

Are you fascinated by the history of Count Dracula, and/or does your teenager read countless vampire novels? If so, consider vacationing in Transylvania. Tucan Travel offers a tour that includes going to Dracula’s actual castle, in addition to other memorable and historic locations made famous in the Dark Ages, like ancient Byzantine churches and mosques from the Ottoman Empire.

Monument Valley by Motorcycle

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt via Wikimedia Commons

Photo by Wolfgang Staudt via Wikimedia Commons

If your idea of a dream adventure involves riding on two wheels instead of four, consider the American Southwest Adventure motorcycle tour from Motoquest. This incredible journey is for more experienced motorcyclists and will cover a vast range of some of the most scenic and famous spots in the southwest, including the breathtaking Monument Valley, Zion National Park, Valley of the Gods, Bryce Canyon National Park, Route 66, and many others. While you’ll get to rest up at night at roadside hotels, you’ll want your time on the motorcycle during the day to be as comfortable and safe as possible. Before you head out on this adventure of a lifetime, be sure to visit an online store like BikeBandit.com to make sure you have the proper riding apparel and gear to safely traverse the sun-baked highways and byways of the southwest.

Bicycle through Morocco

For adventurous souls who would love to see part of Africa by bike, DuVine Cycling & Adventures offers an amazing biking trip through Morocco that will satisfy your inner nomad. The tour will go through cool green forests and dry parched deserts all in one day. From the foothills of the Atlas mountains, filled with dozens of shepherds and their faithful sheep, to the tranquil beauty of an oasis under the stars, this journey off the beaten vacation path will leave you with a plethora of memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.