If you type the words inspirational quotes into Google, you will see that there are 1,130,000 listings. So why not tap into the power of quotes and catch phrases for your business? Phrases for your business?

Go back in your mind to the Where is the Beef? Commercials from Wendys. And think about Donald Trump’s Your Fired! When you create a hot catch phrase or quote, you will find your words popping up on websites, in blogs, talked about in elevators, written on bathroom walls, and in the most unexpected placed.

Take a moment to step back and really look at your company’s brand. With a little imagination, you can transform buying your product or service into a fun, one-of-a-kind brand experience that your customers will never forget.

When you think of creating a brand, it is easy to think about advertising managers sitting around a conference room tossing around ideas with caffeine-fueled creativity. However, often times, the most powerful branding comes from adding a little fun to your brand experience.

Driven by the Burger King mentality, todays customers want to do business their way on their time. They want to make their own choices. As business people, it is our job then to make sure that, when customers are ready to make their choice, our product or service is their top choice.

Here are some secrets to put some spark and imagination into your brand and create an unforgettable brand experience.

Television shows have long been a part of our culture. When viewers watch television shows, they see stories about characters they relate to. Remember the Brady Bunch theme song? It tells the story of a lovely lady… well, you know how it goes.

Now imagine harnessing the power of storytelling for your business! By sharing your brand story, you create a powerful connection to your customers. They feel as though they know you. This brand story paints a colorful vignette of who you are, what vision you hold, and what experiences made you the company you are today.

What is your brand story? Do you have a wonderful story to tell about how your business was started?

Why define your brand experience in terms we already use? Kleenex, Xerox, and FedEx are companies whose brand names have set the standards for their industry by becoming the coined terms.

So how do you go about making your brand a household name?

Marla Cilley, aka The FLY Lady is an organizing superhero for moms across the county. She has turned her passion for tidiness into a nationally known brand.

How did she do it? By adding an ounce of fun with her own unique terms and philosophies. For example, The FLY Lady stands for Finally Loving Yourself. If you visit her website at FlyLady.net, you will notice that her brand is even reflected in some of the names of the navigation links: Why FLY, FLYing Lessons, FLY Zone, Time FLYs when, Ask FlyLady, and The FlyShop.

Humor has the power to transform an ordinary product into a fun experience for the whole audience. Recently I saw a commercial for Red Stripe, The Great Jamaican Beer that delivers an unforgettable quirky message.

The Jamaican spokesperson is dressed in a black tuxedo and says, Red Stripe – the beer in the short stubby ugly bottle. If ugly people stand next to a Red Stripe they look beautiful.