Punto de Vista - Rooftop

Punto de Vista – Rooftop

There are two kinds of business retreats.  First, there are the ones you want to avoid (hosted at the local two-star hotel and conference center, industrial-grade food, view of a parking structure).  Then there are the ones you brag about:  beautiful scenery, excellent dining, upscale rooms, lots of activities, and time enough to enjoy it all.


So how do you plan a business retreat that people will actually be eager to attend?  You start with choosing a place they will want to visit.  And if you’re planning for a small group that’s big on ocean views, freshly-cooked gourmet meals, and unique design, you should check out the accommodations at Punto de Vista, just outside of Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park.

Why Punto de Vista is Ideal for Small Business Retreats

Punto de Vista

Punto de Vista

Punto de Vista is an unmistakable building in a dramatic, jungle-meets-beach setting.  It’s also quite private; the villa and its adjoining guest cottage only offer room for about 27 people, and the entire property is rented to one party at a time.  So if your group needs privacy, this is the place.

What if your group’s need for privacy is matched by a need for luxury and beauty?  Architect David Konwiser has designed this unique villa to be as organic and light-filled as possible.  Warm, natural materials balance the modern, angular construction that has been compared to a bird in flight or a yacht in motion.  Each of the 7 rooms and 3 suites have a different theme, often inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds them.  The event areas are open, enabling the staff at Punto de Vista to arrange a setting for everything from yoga classes to business retreats to wedding receptions.

Punt0 de Vista Amenities and Attractions

Punto de Vista - Bedroom

Punto de Vista – Bedroom

Americans vacationing in the Caribbean and in Central America are accustomed to lush surroundings, full-scale service, and attentive staff.  The Punto de Vista has all three, plus a lot more:

  • Personal concierge or butler service
  • 24-hour security
  • Twice-daily maid service
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the buildings
  • Programmable safes
  • Chef-created breakfasts are included with the stay; gourmet lunches and dinners are available for an additional charge
  • A covered dining terrace with stunning views
  • Rooftop Jacuzzi
  • Entertainment options include a games room, a gym, a pool table, video game equipment, and a 10-foot HD screen complete with a movie library
  • Onsite yoga and spa services are available

Of course, few people who travel down to Costa Rica want to be inside all day long.  One look at the tree-draped landscape usually gets even the most sedentary person to grab their camera and head outside.  And there’s no reason to stop at the photo ops, not with a sandy ocean shore a mere 5 minute walk down Beach Road and one of Costa Rica’s most beloved national parks next door.

Punto de Vista - Terrace

Punto de Vista – Terrace

Just in case any more inducement is needed, groups should know that:

  • Costa Rica’s Los Suenos Golf Course is nearby.
  • Despite being Costa Rica’s smallest national park, Manuel Antonio is famous for the diversity and beauty of its wildlife.  Over 300 species have been observed here; toucans and many other birds share the forest with sloths, tapirs, coatis, and several species of monkeys.  In the ocean, whales and dolphins can be observed as the make their yearly migration.
  • The Punto de Vista staff are ready to help your group get the most out of its trip.  Possible recreational activities include river rafting, sport fishing, biking, horseback rides, sunset sail tours, cave and canyon adventures, and just about any customizable experience your group can envision, from a party on the beach to specialized tours.

Getting There and Important Travel Info

Punto de Vista - Dining Room

Punto de Vista – Dining Room

Most travelers from the States opt to fly in to San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital and largest city.  The area is served by Juan Santamaria International Airport, which currently accepts flights from American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, US Airways, United, Frontier, and Spirit Airlines.  Traveling from San Jose to Punta de Vista means a 2-hour car ride, or visitors can arrange a 20-minute flight by plane or helicopter.

Before booking any international travel, it’s a good idea to check out the State Department’s website for the latest requirements.  (Type in travel.state.gov, or click here for a link to Costa Rica’s page.)  At the time of this writing, the most important requirements are:

  • Bring your passport, and make sure it’s in good condition.  Authorities may reject a valid passport if it’s damaged.
  • You must have proof of outgoing travel plans – in this case, most likely a round-trip ticket.
  • You must have a valid yellow fever vaccination to enter the country.  This vaccination must be obtained more than 10 days before you arrive.
  • There’s an exit tax of $29 USD per person.

So what will the next destination for your business travel retreat be?  If you’re looking for a place that combines the best of a resort with the privacy of a vacation home, check out Punto de Vista.