On March 31 Costa Cruises celebrated its 65th anniversary and with it, launched a series of special anniversary initiatives. The 14 ships within Costa Cruises’ fleet sail all over the world, and with the celebration, special anniversary events and activities were held onboard for guests to enjoy. Another milestone? On September 5 the fore-end block hull section was laid for the Costa Diadema, their future flagship which enters service in October 2014.

Costa Cruises Anniversary Celebrations

Costa Cruises’ heritage actually goes back to 1854, when it was founded in Genoa, Italy as an olive export company. Its transformation into a cruise company began nearly seven decades ago with the Anna C’s departure on March 31, 1948. The Anna C carried 768 guests on her first inaugural cruise from Genoa, Italy to Buenos Aires, Argentina. And with it, she became the first ship dedicated to passengers, marking the beginning of Costa Cruises.

These special onboard anniversary events included gala dinners, special shows and cocktail parties as well as commemorative postcards and souvenir photos, all a way to experience “Cruising Italian style.”

The Costa Diadema – Newest Flagship

Scheduled for delivery on October 30, 2014, the Costa Diadema will bring new innovations onboard. For instance, she’ll offer new wine-tasting venues – the Proseccheria and the Vinoteca. And the Bavarian Bierkeller offers a wide selection of beers. Some new dining choices include the Japanese Teppanyaki and Piazza Pizza along with Gelateria for desserts.

The Costa Diadema’s interiors offer spacious, split level public rooms conveniently interconnected and overlooking the sea, providing an atmosphere best described as a vibrant seaside resort. And onboard the Costa Diadema is a 1,640 square foot open air promenade with cabanas, allowing guests to enjoy the sea, sun and spectacular views.

As far as entertainment, the Country Rock Club features American music. And the Portobello Market Piazza provides options for shopping, from designer stores to retail outlets in an 11,840 square foot area.

Located on the upper decks, the three level Samsara Spa features an exclusive outdoor area and privileged access. Enjoying a holistic regenerating experience with a wide range of treatments designed to rejuvenate and revitalize, all available within the Samsara Spa is truly a way to enjoy a “wellness cruise.”

Costa Cruises Seven Initiatives

Ensuring that the highest safety standards before their ships’ departures and during their cruises have always been a top priority for Costa Cruises. Starting February 1, 2012 they adopted some new corporate standards that include seven initiatives. These include strengthening guest emergency training procedures done within 24 hours after departure, along with a special advanced system to monitor the participation of guests in emergency training. Costa Cruises also has an advanced “High Tech Safety Monitoring System” that actually lets them control the position and monitor the routes of its ships in real time. With this high tech system, they can quickly and immediately identify any unexpected changes of direction with their ships and remotely control all of the key safety aspects onboard. Once again, these initiatives have been done to take safety standards to an even higher level than current regulatory requirements.

Best Fits for Your Group

Costa Cruises is Europe’s # 1 Cruise Line, providing an authentic, European experience onboard with no cultural boundaries, blending cultures, cuisines and entertainment while offering diverse itineraries. Their ships sail, of course, in the Mediterranean, but also the Caribbean, to Asia, South America, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Costa Cruises’ wide range of itineraries plus the onboard experiences fit well with people who perhaps are history buffs, maybe destination collectors, or enjoy culture, romance and music. And some of their onboard innovations, including the Samsara Spa, which debuted in 2006 and has won top awards by taking pampering and well-being to new levels, provide some other options to consider.

If your group members like an immersion experience then perhaps considering Costa Cruises for a future cruise might be an option.