Spending a few nights in the great outdoors is a rejuvenating way to take a break from modern society. However, sleeping in a tent also means that you temporarily give up some modern conveniences. No matter where you are adventuring, there are some staple articles of clothing you need to pack for a camping trip.

Hat or Beanie

Starting at the top of the body, you’ll benefit from bringing a hat or a beanie with you, depending on the weather. Hats will help block the sun, which can relax your eyes and forehead muscles if you aren’t used to this much brightness. Beanies help seal large amounts of heat into the body, even though they only cover a small amount of surface area!

Weather-Proof Jackets

Do you know the difference between a rain jacket and a windbreaker? Since there is no central heating or enclosed ceiling space outdoors, bringing at least one of these is helpful for any chance of cooler or rainy weather. It’ll be much better if you bring one but never use it than if you shrug off the importance of one only to be shivering later on.


Long sleeve shirts are great for chilly climates or to help protect from mosquitos. If you are at a family reunion or a bachelor’s party, it could be fun to get matching shirts to wear together. Tank tops are great for hot weather locations without any insects. Just make sure to lather on plenty of sunscreen.


For most places, packing at least one pair of shorts and pants is a good idea. One could be for moving around or hiking, while the other is perfect for lounging around the campsite. Pants can also protect from mosquitos and other insects.


It’s a good rule of thumb always to bring more underwear than you think you’ll need. Start by packing at least one pair per day of the trip, then take a few extras. Who knows what you’ll encounter outside; having the option to be clean and comfy is a necessity.


When camping with others, you’ll need to cover up at night just in case you need to take a midnight potty break. Also, it’s pretty gross to sleep in dirty clothes, with or without easy access to a shower. Check the nighttime temperatures of your location ahead of time and dress accordingly.


Just like underwear, socks are one of the essential pieces of clothing you need to pack for a camping trip. It’s best to pack more pairs than you think you’ll need. It’s all too easy to step in a puddle or to have dirt gather inside your socks while you are out and about.

Packing for a camping trip starts with making sure you bring all the correct clothes. By being overprepared, you will improve your chances of staying warm and clean, so you can focus more time on having fun.