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Patti Beth Anderson…Good to Go

Terrific group leaders are hard to track down because they’re always on the road with their groups. I managed to catch up with Patti Beth Anderson, owner of Good to Go with Patti Beth between a week-long California and Lake Tahoe trip and a cruise the Rhine .

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Gordon Bartlett Wrote the Book on Tour Business

For nearly 20 years, Gordon and Patty escorted 171 tours and cruises, taking 7,315 passengers on tours ranging from the Western U.S. to destinations in all parts of the world. Bartlett sold his company in 2011 and while preparing the new owner for a successful transition, he created a book titled How to Start and Operate a Profitable Tour Business.

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Clarissa Erickson: From DMO to DMC

Some people in this business you know by name alone. Others by LinkedIn profile, or by email exchanges. The characters? You know them from trade shows. Amidst the sea of suits, some people stand out. Clarissa Erickson is one of those. Enjoy this edition of Take 5, as Clarissa takes you on her journey from behind the bar to behind the microphone.

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