I am often approached by tour operators and destinations with questions about the most important practices in travel marketing today. My response to them is strong Internet marketing and increasing sales conversion rates.rnrn1. A website with an effective online marketing campaign that yields qualified traffic.rnrn2. Effectively written copy (marketing communications) that converts leads into sales.

In the April issue of Leisure Group Travel, I revealed the first secret of developing relationships with prospects; the importance of stating your credibility and experience as a travel professional. The second secret is to communicate quickly the types of trips, travel focus or services you offer. I call this the Defining Headline.If you search online for something, do not you use specific keywords that define what you want? That’s the defining headline of search engine optimization.

Unless you are a brand like Coca-Cola, most people are not going to recognize what you do or what your destination has for them. To capture the attention of more prospects, you must summarize the highlights of what you offer as keyword phrases, which is the same way we search online.

Do not know the primary keyword phrases that the majority of your customers and prospects use to find your travel destination, tours or service? Find out by checking your website visitors logs, Google AdWords impressions stats or visit for a free online resource from Yahoo. This online tool will show you exactly how many people searched the destination, activity or service you are promoting. This information is invaluable for you to be able to better target and communicate effectively with your best prospects.

To summarize, two of the four proven strategies to help you convert more prospects into customers are: use keyword-rich Defining Headlines and Credibility Statements as the dominant feature in your promotions with your company name and logo secondary. Use these proven secrets and you will increase your arrivals, sales and profits, guaranteed!