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Fayetteville – All American Sampler

From small-town venues in the Appalachians to the booming Broadway theater scene, April’s Leisure Group Travel shines the spotlight on entertainment offerings across the United States.

In “Dinner and a Show,” staff writer Miles Dobis describes Midwest dinner theaters that will satisfy your group’s appetite for food and entertainment—all in one place. Managing editor Randy Mink looks at the exciting spring season in “Broadway Bonanza” and also reveals the best upcoming theater fare in “London Showtime.”

In his South Region feature, associate publisher Dave Bodle focuses on music in 13 states. He points out the Blue Ridge Music Trails of North Carolina, Virginia’s Crooked Road Music Trail, and the Blues and Country Music Trails in Mississippi. Music meccas like Branson, Myrtle Beach and the Tennessee Smokies are also included. And don’t miss the sidebar on historic Southern theaters that have stood the test of time.

America’s great aquariums also take center stage in the April issue of Leisure Group Travel. Highlighted are the best aquatic showcases in all parts of the country. Theme and water parks are featured as well—find out what’s new at Central Florida’s big-time attractions, check out the Midwest’s best water parks and discover what Texas offers in the way of fun kingdoms.

Keeping its finger on the pulse of the group travel industry, Leisure Group Travel talks with Armir Harris, president of Shofur, who has introduced a new model of charter bus reservations. See how his use of smart technology is leveling the playing field for small bus companies.

Dave Bodle reports on the recent Travel South Domestic Showcase, and guest columnist Mike Schields gives us a perspective on how travel has changed over the years and how today’s planners can stay on top of things. On Tour columnist Marty Sarbey de Souto offers tour operators some tips on building anticipation and engaging travelers before the trip even begins.

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