John Kamm

By John Kamm

Discussing the media tablet computer category, Leisure Group Travel technology columnist John Kamm says Apple’s new iPad may overtake netbooks. Widely acclaimed as revolutionary, the iPad “is perhaps more evolutionary—it’s not the first time Apple has redefined a device category,” he writes. “Lust-worthy – oh yes. Must have – time will tell.”

Media tablets like the iPad, Kamm writes, are “going head to head with smart phones with one important distinction—tablets can’t make phone calls (yet).” But the iPad renders web and video content well enough to be considered a viable presentation tool, there are connectors for larger screens, and apps will be available for many business- and travel-related functions. Kamm suggests, “Maybe it’s time to ditch the clam-shell laptop; the iPad looks like it belongs in the 21st century and a $50 cell phone can drop a call just as well as a premium handset.”


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