There is something very special about keeping alive the connection with school chums and rekindling the spirit of good times and fond memories of school days. The bonds that are established between the students, now alumni, and their schools are among life’s strongest and lasting relationships. Most learning institutions understand the value of these relationships and how they translate into important financial and other types of contributions which sustain and grow the school.,

The University of Florida Alumni Association in Gainesville is a very active organization with over 100 alumni clubs spreading Gator cheer throughout the world. Although the university is recognized for many academic achievements, its Gator Growl is for the schools athletic prowess. The alumni members program includes various benefits with many centered on athletics and securing priority tickets to the annual homecoming rally, home and away football games and other competitions, including Bowl games or other championship competitions. Arrangements for sporting trips are made through Total Sports Travel. Leisure and educational tours are offered to alumni under the banner of Great Gator Escapes. This years program had five trips which were led by a university representative. These included a journey down the Amazon River, an Italian adventure to Tuscany and Cortona, a visit to the Dordogne River valley in France, an Alaska cruise, and whitewater rafting on the Snake River.