According to a recent survey conducted by Travel Guard International, 67 percent of travel agents polled have not seen any change in bookings as a result of the foiled terror plot in London or the new travel restrictions (i.e., no liquids in carry-on baggage). Another 22.5 percent have seen a moderate decrease, while 4.5 percent have actually seen an increase in bookings. Of the total surveyed, more than 73 percent of the agents say there has been no increase in cancellations of trips booked due to the new airline restrictions. More than 10 percent have seen an increase in cancellations due to the new restrictions.

Travelers this fall are most concerned about delays due to new travel restrictions, according to 36 percent of travel agents polled in the Travel Guard survey. Terrorism and rising gas prices tie as the next biggest concerns, say 18 percent of polled agents. Other concerns include lost baggage as a result of more people checking luggage due to new restrictions, according to nearly 15 percent of agents. Trip cancellations due to a hurricane are also a concern for travelers, according to nearly 13 percent of agents.