With the world slowly returning to normal, the next few months will see a massive rise in travel. Already, it’s far easier to travel domestically than in the past two years, allowing many Americans the opportunity to enjoy this great country. Additionally, international vacations are more possible now than in years past, and many are eager to explore the world.

Since trips were few and far between during the pandemic, why not spice up your travel plans by going on a more rugged, unique excursion? Here are some adventurous vacation destinations to visit in 2022.

Domestic Travel

If you’re looking to spend less for more, domestic travel is the best option. This country features endless destinations that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Plus, they’re far more accessible to visit than going abroad. Instead of staying at a ski lodge or catching some sun on a sandy beach, elevate your trip to the next level by traveling somewhere underrated and rugged.

Countless national parks offer some of the best experiences and views in the entire world. Consider camping at these various nature preserves and connect with the Earth. Acadia National Park in Maine is one of the most stunning destinations in the US during every season, making it the perfect vacation for families or adventurous individuals.

International Travel

If you don’t mind spending more on a trip to somewhere entirely new, consider international travel in 2022. There are endless options, and each area gives you an opportunity you’ll remember forever. Pick a continent you’ve always wanted to see—this gives you more specific ideas for your next vacation, as planning international travel can be overwhelming.

Also, see if that part of the world allows easy travel between multiple countries, giving you the most rewarding experience.

Unique Destinations

There are few domestic and international destinations worth singling out because they’re unique options for a vacation. The Galapagos Islands provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to connect with wildlife. It’s not similar to a leisurely vacation, but it gives you memories that will last a lifetime.

Alaska offers the most stunning views in all of America. Explore massive glaciers and spend time following animals.

Or travel to South America and visit Yasuni National Park in Ecuador. It’s one of the most biodiverse areas globally and has a nice mix of adventurous experiences and relaxing moments of peace.

These adventurous vacation destinations to visit in 2022 are a few options to consider—in truth, this lovely plant has impressive experiences no matter where you go. Ensure you do thorough research when traveling abroad and always practice their local COVID-19 protocols.