Although the travel industry has taken a significant hit, travel will be back. Although it won’t be quite as easy as it once was, with a selection of the best travel apps on the market you can make getting around from place to place reasonably straightforward.

Currently, there are two aspects to consider if you want to travel internationally now:

  • Is the country allowing visitors?
  • Do you have to self isolate upon return to your home country?

Once you have this information, you can start planning where you are going to stay, how you are going to get there and, crucially, what you are going to see and do. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the travel apps you’ll need heading into 2021. The apps are suitable for both solo and group travel.


Omio has forged a solid reputation for finding connecting journeys. You can book flights, buses, trains and ferries in real-time from the magic of your smartphone and other devices. Omio has taken the initiative and has added Covid-19 travel disruption information to the suite of services it offers, making it an invaluable travel app.

In real-time, you can discover the Covid-19 status of a country and plan accordingly.


For planning a future vacation, few apps compare to Wanderlog. From calculating travel times, discovering destinations and planning itineraries, Wanderlog is becoming indispensable. It stores all of your planning offline, so you don’t need a cellphone connection to be able to use it.

As an added bonus, you can share itineraries with others which makes it perfect for groups. As it facilitates sharing travel guides and blogs, you can discuss where to go with your group before actually deciding to pay somewhere a visit.

Packing Pro

Fed up with arriving at your destination only to discover you’ve forgotten something important? Well, Packing Pro takes care of that, providing packing lists of essential items that take into account weather, trip duration, and where you are going.

The creators of the app have given you useful lists to start with which you can customize as needed.


HotelTonight is an excellent app for finding a hotel quickly. It is used by many on business and vacation to find the best deals locally to where they want to stay. It is a truly remarkable travel app that finds the right hotel for your budget in seconds.


Airbnb requires no introduction as it has become a worldwide smash. People are eager to rent out properties, and even their couches in their homes for a set number of nights. Often an excellent cheap alternative to hotels, the concept has been described as a halfway house between hostels and hotels.

Finding the right accommodation for you is made easy with the app. So, download it.


It may not be sexy but budgeting your trip is essential, especially when you consider how easy it is to overspend when traveling. TravelSpend allows you to track your expenditure translating foreign country purchases into your home country currency and allowing you to share expenses with friends for bill splitting purposes.

It is also very good for business use.

Travel is going to be different in 2021, but with these apps, it will be easier.