Planning any big trip means you’ve got lots of options to sort through. Your goal is to give the bride the experience of a lifetime as she enters a new chapter of her life. Instead of a plain old nightclub outing, why not take the bridal party somewhere new and unexpected? Let these unconventional bachelorette party ideas get your creativity flowing.


Find a lush campground for your destination and bring all the comforts of home to your campsite. String lights, Bluetooth speakers, and plush mattresses—not sleeping bags!—will combine the bride’s love of the outdoors with a spa experience. Look for places in your area or get outside your comfort zone by making a road trip out of it.

History Tour

Combine vacation fun with educational perks by visiting a historical site. If the bride is a history nerd, learn about her areas of interest. Whether she loves the educational museums of Colonial Williamsburg or the haunted history of Savannah, Georgia, encourage her interests and bring the whole bridal party somewhere new.


If the bride loves a challenge, bring her to a spot where she can hike to her heart’s delight. For example, Hells Canyon, right between Idaho and Oregon, is home to hundreds of hiking trails of various difficulty levels. You and your bridal party can accompany her on a gentle hike around the canyon, or you can climb to higher peaks for majestic mountain views.

Wine Tour

Cater to the bride’s love of wine and take your whole bridal party on a vineyard tour, complete with a lavish wine tasting. Spend all day watching where your wine comes from and sample the best of their offerings. Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, both in California, are called “wine country” for a reason!

Amusement Park

Fill your day (or weekend!) with fun activities that will speak to the bride’s inner child. If she’s already been to the theme parks and amusement destinations near you, bring her somewhere new! A day at a big, bright park will bring smiles to everyone’s faces and offer endless opportunities for adventurous fun.

As you plan the perfect bachelorette outing, think of the bride first and foremost. What will make her grin from ear to ear? These unconventional bachelorette party ideas will bring your whole bridal party out of their comfort zone and offer memories that will last a lifetime.