From bachelorette parties to family reunions, group vacations can be a great way to reconnect with loved ones and create new memories together.

But planning a trip for a group or multiple family groups comes with some unique challenges. Moving your group from one destination to the next, finding a hotel or rental with enough room for everyone (and plenty of space for those times when you need a little un-togetherness), and choosing dining options that fit everyone’s tastes can be a headache.

With the right destination, though, a group vacation can be a fun, hassle-free way to enjoy one another’s company. Keep reading for a few ideas to inspire your next group getaway!

Make Your Rental Your Destination

If you want to forgo the hassles of traveling to new destinations and attractions each day or choosing restaurants that appeal to a variety of tastes and appetites, opt for a “staycation” in a unique destination instead. Renting a cabin, house or other large property is an easy way for everyone to get away together. And if you pick a rental with unique features like a swimming pool, game room, beach access, and other fun activities to enjoy, you won’t even need to worry about leaving the rental each day.

With access to a kitchen, you can whip up meals your group will enjoy, which helps avoid the hassle of getting to a restaurant, finding enough seating, and the cost of dining out. Plan a game night, movie night, and other activities to enjoy together during your visit—after all, the point of a group vacation is usually to enjoy some quality time together!

Cruise Away

Perhaps the easiest group vacation to plan is a cruise. A cruise vacation can be adapted for any size group with ease. Each family, couple, or individual gets their own space to retreat to at the end of the day. Restaurants on the ship will be ready and able to accommodate your entire group, no reservations required. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of amenities and activities, like pools and waterparks, games and scheduled activities, casinos, and more, not to mention excursions to ports along the way.

For a truly unique vacation with your group, opt for an Alaska cruise tour. On this bucket-list-worthy trip, your group can split up to enjoy excursions that appeal to every member, like glacier hikes or sightseeing in some of Alaska’s beautiful coastal cities and towns.

Opt for a Walkable Destination

Another way to plan a stress-free group trip is by opting for a walkable destination. Tourist-friendly, mid-sized cities like Seattle, Washington, Washington D.C., and Chicago, Illinois are all very walkable. Book a hotel or rental within one of these cities, and your group will be able to walk to numerous restaurants and attractions, making it easy for your group to get around, or to split off to enjoy different activities during the day. These cities are also ideal for groups who want to avoid renting a car or driving to their destination, such as bachelor and bachelorette parties who plan to go out in the evenings.

Planning a Hassle-Free Group Trip

Planning a group trip may come with some unique challenges, but that doesn’t have to mean it’s a stressful process. Let these group vacation ideas inspire you to plan your own hassle-free adventure with friends or family this summer!