In the 2016 edition of our annual the Iowa Tour Guide, we spotlight the state’s cultural side as towns promote the 125th anniversary of the birth of Iowa native Grant Wood, best known for his iconic American Gothic.  Along with sample itineraries suggested by the Iowa Group Travel Association, coverage includes a look at Iowa’s European ethnic communities and prime examples of must-see art and architecture around the state.

2016 Iowa Tour Guide Features

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This is Iowa…and it’s a great place for group travel!

Iowa Group Travel Association (IGTA) is proud to present our new 2016 Iowa Tour Guide that spotlights Iowa’s cultural side as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of the birth of Iowa native Grant Wood, best known for his iconic American Gothic.

Wood painted simple scenes showing the love he had for the land and the people he knew best. When you come for a visit, not only can you see collections of his work but also the place that inspired him: Iowa.

The itineraries in this year’s guide can be stitched together to form a sampler of the art, architecture, history and cultural heritage you’ll discover on a tour of the state.

From snapping selfies at the American Gothic House to gazing at sculptures made from millions of matchsticks, Iowa offers activities that engage travelers across the generations, from school students to baby boomers. Iowa appeals to groups with a wide variety of interests – agriculture past, present and future; local foods, wine, beer and spirits; cultural heritage and history; quilting; gardening; nature; vibrant metro areas; racing and gaming; museums; music; theater; the arts and more.

Enjoy our Midwest hospitality as you explore a range of authentic Iowa experiences. Let IGTA help you plan interesting and unique group-friendly itineraries that will take you off the beaten path and into the heartland of Iowa.

We look forward to welcoming you as our guests!

Charlene Selbee, President, Iowa Group Travel Association

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