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Viking River Cruises to Launch “Green” Ship

Viking River Cruises on July 2 will launch Viking Legend, a new European river ship featuring disel-electic hybrid engines that use an esimtated 20 percent less fuel than comparable diesel-only ships.

The christening ceremony will take place in Cologne, Germany. Viking Legend’s 15-day inaugural sailing from Cologne to Amsterdam will take guests along the Rhine, Main and Danube rivers.

“Viking Legend’s diesel engine propels a generator that supplies the ship’s electrical systems,” explained Viking’s Vice President of Nautical Operations Thomas Bogler. “At any given moment the ship’s energy needs are automatically calculated and the engines produce and supply only as much energy as needed. This allows the ship to use 20 percent less energy than a comparable ship.” The new ship will also provide a quieter ride for guests by using four smaller propellers instead of two large propellers.

The new propulsion system offers additional benefits. “The diesel engine is smaller than a conventional engine, so it vibrates less, making it very quiet,” Bogler said. “The system also allows us to continue cruising even if one of the engines has to be taken offline for scheduled maintenance—remaining engines will simply produce more output to compensate.” Viking River Cruises is the first to introduce this technology to European river cruises.

At 443 feet, the three-level Viking Legend will be the longest in the Viking fleet and will accommodate 189 guests in 98 staterooms. Amenities include 26 inch flat-screen televisions, refrigerators, hairdryers and in-room safes. (877-668-4546,


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