Theater for Everyone at NarroWay Productions

Theater for Everyone at NarroWay Productions

Groups will experience a wholesome helping of Christian entertainment, southern hospitality and family-friendly fun at NarroWay Productions near Charlotte.

The town of Fort Mill, South Carolina may not elicit visions of theatrical excellence in most people’s minds, but it should. It is home to NarroWay Productions, one of the premier Christian theater companies in the world. Founded by friends K. Rebecca Martin and Yvonne “Birdie” Clark back in 1996, NarroWay’s mission is to “inspire greatness and instill virtue in people of all ages by creating world-class, Christian entertainment.” Over the years, the theater has grown into a renowned company boasting more than 30 productions and entertaining guests from all 50 states and many foreign countries.

NarroWay Productions offers year-round entertainment—from Broadway-style shows to children’s performances—all powered by a cast of more than 400 performers. On top of the incredible talent on stage, guests will get to dine on freshly prepared meals themed after the show, served by the cast members themselves. NarroWay’s wholesome entertainment and Southern hospitality provide a truly memorable experience for guests of all ages.

A Group Visit to NarroWay Productions

NarroWay Productions

NarroWay Productions

Groups should not miss the opportunity to catch a show at NarroWay. Theatre enthusiasts and non-theatre goers alike rave about the NarroWay experience. Fun and affordable, NarroWay features some of the most innovative performances in the country. NarroWay prides itself on producing original shows that are entertaining, inspiring and enjoyable for all.

Seniors, teens and children always receive discounted rates at NarroWay. In addition, groups can take advantage of tiered pricing with special rates for groups of 15 or more. Be sure to make a reservation early to ensure that your entire party can be seated together for one of these spectacular shows. Groups having more than 120 should call well in advance for further pricing advantages.

Experience the Magic of NarroWay Productions

NarroWay Productions

NarroWay Productions

NarroWay Productions is a premier Christian theatre with acclaimed shows that draw people from all over the country. The original pieces and storylines, written by founders Martin and Clark, tell stirring stories that people from all walks of life can appreciate. There are always new shows being added to the lineup, and audience favorites often make their way back into the schedule. Throw in live animals, talented actors and a delicious meal, and it’s easy to see why guests love the NarroWay experience.

Groups heading to the Charlotte area this holiday season can catch a performance of The Real Christmas Story (Nov. 3-Dec. 22). Two shows in one, this production includes popular Christmas scenes and songs, followed by a wonderful re-creation of the Christmas story. Guests can sing along to their favorites while dining on a meal of baked turkey, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. If your group is up for it, they can even take a camel ride before the show.

Returning in January is a NarroWay classic, The Gospel According to Tennessee (Jan. 12-Feb. 23, 2019). This fast-paced dinner show, set in East Tennessee in 1926, is filled with Southern favorites you can sing along to, while the cast brings the stories of the gospel to life through the imagination of Tennessee. Top it all off with down-home staples like Southern fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, cornbread and blackberry cobbler.

For the Easter season, head to NarroWay and catch The 4th Cross (March 2 – April 20, 2019). Captivating and compelling, this production steps back in time when Rome reigned, insurrection ruled and the people of God had nearly lost hope. The 4th Cross tells the story of two boys, two men, four crosses and a moment in history that changed the world. Enjoy this compelling show with an authentic biblical meal of beef short ribs, roasted vegetables, herb-crusted bread and homemade bread pudding.

Coming in April of 2019, Geronimo (May 4 – July 27), tells the story of the great Apache leader, while running a parallel sub-plot with the Jobe family. From the battle at Kaskiyeh to Geronimo’s quest for revenge, the story of the great Apache leader comes to life for the Jobe family when they triumph over tragedy in a “Kaskiyeh” all their own.

NarroWay Productions offers groups a wholesome, high-energy experience unlike anything they’ve seen before. With a continuous rotation of exciting shows and a hearty menu to go along with it, there’s plenty of reasons people keep coming back for more. Reserve a seat today, and give your group something they will cherish for years to come.

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