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IITA: Innovator in an Evolving Industry

How the Organization continues to encourage international travel and remain active in tourism policy

FEW WOULD ARGUE WE are not seeing tremendous change in the global travel industry. Mergers, the evolving digital age and changing socio-economic climates are just some of the factors that continue to impact how we do business on a daily basis.

With so many changes coming our way, it makes sense, now more than ever, that international tour operators be able to rely on inbound operators as their trusted partners here in the U.S. One of the ways for international operators to feel confident in building strong working relationships with U.S. inbound operators is to specifically seek out those who are members of the International Inbound Travel Association (IITA).

IITA inbound operators offer a wealth of advantages to operators working with us around the globe. In fact, the differentiation between those who are IITA members and those who aren’t is so distinct that IITA member operators are becoming known as “Inbound Insiders”— which explains the name of the publication you are reading.

Governance of the association provides opportunity for industry leaders to work together to set policy and strategic direction for long-term health and growth of the international inbound travel industry. Through a concerted effort, IITA leadership paves the way for industry improvement, best practices and innovative solutions within the international inbound travel industry for the U.S. We are change agents rather than passive participants.

As IITA members, my fellow inbound operators and I are able to rely on a network of international travel professionals, both on the operator side as well as those representing destinations, hotels, restaurants and other suppliers to the travel industry. With regular opportunities to gather and exchange ideas and information, IITA members are among the first to recognize industry trends that can impact travel to the U.S.

The annual IITA Summit, for example, provides members with an educational program featuring the latest information and a slate of industry experts offering up their perspectives on today’s international travel issues. This insider knowledge offers a major advantage for international operators looking to include the U.S. market when they partner with an IITA member operator.

In addition to networking and education, IITA members are active on policy issues, frequently making their voices heard in Washington D.C. on issues like changes in National Park fees and air travel regulations. Through committee work and public-private partnering in the travel industry, IITA members are not only educating themselves about governmental policies impacting their business, they are helping to shape those policies. IITA members are steadfastly committed to being proactive in building the future of international inbound travel.

As an international operator, I invite you to learn more about IITA and the reasons why you should be partnering with inbound operators in the U.S. who are members of this association. You won’t be disappointed about the professionalism and knowledge exhibited by IITA members. I invite you to page through this publication to learn more about our industry and to access the profiles of IITA inbound operators working specifically with your country and the destinations in the U.S. you are seeking for your client itineraries. You won’t be disappointed!

Safe Travels,

Gary Schluter


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