2018 Colorado Group Tour Planner

From the heart of downtown Denver to the top of Pikes Peak, Colorado abounds with options for group trips. Tour Colorado’s inaugural planner for the group travel industry offers itinerary ideas in all corners of the Centennial State.

In “Colorado National Parks are a Sight to Behold,” group organizers get a peek at the scenic majesty that awaits their travelers. Great Sand Dunes National Park is home to the tallest sand dunes in North America, while Mesa Verde National Park showcases the fascinating cliff dwellings built by an ancient Native American culture. Rocky Mountain and Black Canyon of the Gunnison national parks also inspire awe.

If the notion of picking your own lavender, biting into a fresh-picked peach or feeding an alpaca sounds like fun, check out “Colorado Agritourism Adventures.” In “Discovering Colorado on the Rails, you can read about eight vintage trains that showcase the state’s scenic splendor, including one that climbs to the top of Pikes Peak. “Tribal Traditions” focuses on Native American attractions throughout the state.

Group planners will get further inspiration from the guide’s sample Colorado itineraries, including the four-day “Following the Trail of the Ancients.” The four-day “Unforgettable Colorado Experiences” is a hub & spoke tour of the Denver area and Colorado Springs. A map and driving-distances chart in the front of the magazine put the state into focus.

The Colorado Group Tour Planner also has a directory of Tour Colorado members who are ready to help as you plan your trips. They’re listed in four categories: Hotels, Service Providers, Destinations and Attractions. Profiled in “Member Spotlight” are two tour operator members: Michael Th. Embrey of FunME Events and Lee Dahl of Leisure West Tours & Cruises.

For help in crafting your next Colorado itinerary, keep the 2018 Colorado Group Tour Planner handy. Everyone at Tour Colorado is ready to assist in making it the best trip ever.


Colorado National Parks are Sights to Behold

Colorado Agritourism Adventures

Discovering Colorado on the Rails

Tribal Traditions

Sample Itineraries

Unforgettable Colorado Experiences

Rail Fun and Geological Wonders

Following the Trail of the Ancients

Tour Colorado Members

Member Spotlight: Lee Dahl, Leisure West Tours and Cruises

Member Spotlight: Michael Th. Embrey, FunME Events

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