12 Savory LA Food Trucks to Sample

12 Savory LA Food Trucks to Sample

Your group can taste global flavors at these mobile culinary attractions, from traditional Italian to re-imagined Korean.

Food trucks provide consumers with cheaper and faster options than going to a sit-down restaurant, so you might wonder, what’s the catch? Does the food taste cheap? Definitely not, especially not in Los Angeles. This new dining style has taken the city of angels by storm, providing foodies from all over the country with unique and delicious meals on the go.

Plant Food For People

A big complaint with food trucks, and restaurants in general, is the struggle they provide for vegans. Nestled among the other food trucks in Los Angeles, however, lies a vegan haven from Genise and Jeremy Castaneda, Plant Food For People. This beloved food truck has catered to vegans since 2011 through unique takes on traditional food truck items, particularly tacos, by using ingredients like pinto beans and jackfruit. Not only committed to healthy choices, Plant Food For People prides itself in its dedication being good for the planet.


Plant Food for People

Plant Food for People

The Lobos Truck

The 2014 winner of “LA’s Best Food Truck,” the Lobos Truck has been a favorite for LA natives for years. Boasting Filipino-American comfort food “with a twist,” this food truck provides customers with usual favorites like burgers, sliders and salads. Their real claim to fame, however, is their beloved “wachos,” waffle fries topped with nacho toppings such as pico de gallo, bacon, guacamole, sour cream and other favorites.


Peaches’ Smokehouse

When you think of Southern cooking, you probably don’t think of California, but you’ll have to reconsider after visiting Peaches’ Smokehouse. A combined work of owner Diana Yin and chef Juan Chestang, Peaches’ Smokehouse aims to bring traditional Southern comfort foods to the bustling streets of Los Angeles. Some of their most iconic meals include the veggie burger, pulled pork sandwich, fried chicken sandwich and the traditional side of coleslaw.


Peaches' Smokehouse

Peaches’ Smokehouse

Jogasaki Sushi Burrito Truck

Odds are pretty good you haven’t ever considered the possibility of a sushi burrito. After visiting the Jogasaki Sushi Burrito Food Truck, however, you won’t want to eat regular sushi ever again. The original home of the sushi burrito, Jogasaki combines two food favorites – Mexican and sushi – and creates an instant food fusion favorite. At Jogasaki, pick your favorite type of sushi, but throw away the chopsticks and enjoy sushi as a finger food.


The Grilled Cheese Truck

Everybody loves grilled cheese, right? It’s a comfort food for both children and adults, which is exactly why David Danhi had the idea to found the Grilled Cheese Truck in 2009. Don’t be fooled that this food truck is just another sandwich truck that features run-of-the-mill grilled cheese, however, as it has been voted the “Best Food Truck” by various publications eight different times. The Grilled Cheese Truck excels in unique flavors on special sandwiches like the PB Banana Melt, the Smore’s Melt and other melts featuring unusual flavors like spinach and tater tots.


The Grilled Cheese Truck

The Grilled Cheese Truck

India Jones Chow Truck

Founded by Chef Sumant Pardal, India Jones Chow Truck gives Los Angeles natives and visitors a chance to experience authentic Indian street food. The winner of the 2012 Vendy Awards – the best competition for food truck vendors – India Jones Chow Truck has been providing Los Angeles with true Indian food ever since. Be sure to try their frankies, the “Indian equivalent to a burrito” – filled with your choice of meat. If that’s not up your alley, give their famous butter chicken and curry a try.


Dogtown Dogs

Priding themselves on their affordably-priced items, Dogtown Dogs brings gourmet hot dogs to the table. Not just for picnics or backyard barbeques, the hot dogs at Dogtown Dogs are both unique and elegant, providing customers a new take on an old favorite. For breakfast, try the ‘Morning Commute’ – a hot dog wrapped in bacon and topped with a fried egg. Or maybe you want to try traditional Californian treats, so if that’s the case, go for the California Dog topped with avocado, arugula and other Golden State favorites.


Downtown Dogs

Downtown Dogs

WAFL Truck

With a saying like “Everyday I am wafflin,” WAFL provides Los Angeles foodies with a fun and unique food truck to enjoy. Established in 2013, the WAFL Truck serves Los Angeles locals with delicious, gourmet waffles any way imaginable. With options including classic waffles, dessert waffles, the WAFL dog and WAFL burgers, the WAFL truck makes decision-making difficult. Although it doesn’t have a website, the WAFL truck keeps consumers updated on their Twitter feed, often informing them where their food trucks are located.

twitter: @wafltruck

Yeastie Boys

With a name like Yeastie Boys, who could pass up a visit to this food truck? This bagel truck has been serving Los Angeles with passion since 2014. When you stop by this carb-rich must-see, you’ll be able to choose between a regular bagel or bagel sandwich. Before you decide, however, understand that Yeastie Boys’ bagel sandwiches are colossal but undoubtedly delicious. To keep up with their locations and new flavors, follow their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages.


Yeastie Boys

Yeastie Boys

Kogi BBQ Truck

An LA staple since 2008, Kogi BBQ is determined to provide its customers with delicious food without breaking the bank. Chef Roy Choi combines his Korean heritage with foodie-favorite tacos in Kogi BBQ, a stand-out Korean food truck in LA. This one-of-a-kind food experience gives customers the option of Korean tacos filled with tofu, calamari, spicy pork and chicken. For something a little more unique, try the kogi dog, a hot dog infused with traditional Korean flavors like Kogi slaw and sesame mayo.


The Urban Oven

This isn’t your typical greasy pizza food truck. Founded by chef Scott Tremonti, The Urban Oven makes wood-fired pizza available to anyone in Los Angeles, and not just at a high-scale restaurant. On their menu, find all sorts of pizza, including favorites like Margherita and Pepperoni, or take a step out of your comfort zone and try Urban Oven originals like Thai Shrimp and Sausage & Kale.


The Urban Oven

The Urban Oven

Prince of Venice Food Truck

Would you believe it if I told you there was a food truck in Los Angeles founded by the grandson of the last reigning king of Italy? Well, you should, because after various visits to the City of Angels, Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Italy, together with LA chef Mirko Paderno, decided that the city needed a food truck unlike any other. Thus, the Prince of Venice food truck was born, providing LA residents with traditional Italian food. They go the extra mile, however, and make everything, their pasta and sauces, homemade in the truck. Dedicated to providing its customers with fresh products, the Prince of Venice is one-of-a-kind in a city of food trucks.


Be sure to visit the food trucks of Los Angeles on your next visit to experience new foods and new cultures while on a budget.


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